Innovation of Material Science for Sustainable Industrial Chemistry

The International Conference on Chemistry and Material Science (IC2MS) is a regular conference held every two years. The conference was initiated by the Department of Chemistry Brawijaya University. The previous conference (1st IC2MS and 2nd IC2MS) was successfully organized in Malang. Both conference was followed by the participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Brunei Darussalam, and Australia with more than 40 universities/institutions involved as the presenter’s and/or author’s affiliations.

Then, the consortium of the Department of Chemistry from Brawijaya University, University of Jember, and State university of Malang decided to organize this conference together. Nowadays, the 3rd IC2MS will be organized by the Department of the Chemistry University of Jember. The theme of the conference is “Innovation on Material Science for Sustainable Industrial Chemistry”. The conference will be held on October 12nd-13rd, 2021 by online meeting due to pandemic COVID-19 reason. The conference consists of a plenary session by keynote speakers, and parallel sessions (including the invited speaker). Because of the online, the conference will not provide Poster presentations.

The conference covers not only in chemistry area (Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry), but also in material science such as molecular structures, functional material, material synthesis and characterization, nanomaterials, and nano-devices, as well as renewable energy and fuel cell. Even though the conference by online, we believe that the conference will improve the academic atmosphere and open the opportunity for research collaboration among researchers, Industrial practitioners, and the government.